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About Gwangju
   ▶   About Gwangju
An energetic city of 「Hi-tech Science & Industry」
Promotion of Gwangju R&D Special District and the establishment of the GIST Campus of International
  Science Business Belt
Promotion of regional strategic industries including digital appliance industry, photonics convergence industry,
  & molding, etc.
Dynamic development of new growth engine industries such as bio-compatible materials industry,
  and ICT convergence industry, etc.
A City of the「Futuristic Eco-friendly Automobiles and Energy Valley」
Creation and development of the eco-friendly automobile parts cluster
Establishment of Next-generation Energy Hub City, collaborating with Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
Creation of the new energy industry platform and new & renewable energy ecosystems
「Hub City of Asian Culture」 where culture and arts live and breathe
'Asia Culture Center', the nation's largest complex culture facility, opened in September 2015
The nation's one and only 'Culture Industry Investment Promotion District' was designated for attracting and
  promoting cultural contents companies
Gwangju’s diverse global culture & arts festivals such as Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju Design Biennale,
  and World Kimchi Culture Festival, etc.
A 「City of Democracy, Human Rights, and Peace」 that led the democratization of Korea
A sacred place that led the democratization of Korea through Gwangju Students ‘Independence Movement and the
  May 18 Democratization Movement
Gwangju was designated as 'UN Human Rights City'; the Gwangju Human Rights Charter adopted and the
  human rights ordinances enacted.
The archives of the May 18 Democracy Movement included in the "UNESCO Memory of the World Register"
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