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Speakers List
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Session1 : Sustainable Energy and E-mobility
Cho, Sung Hwan
Head of R&D Planning and Coordination Group, Hyundai Motor Group
Manfred Martin
RWTH Aachen
Speaker : PartⅠ
Hacker, Wolfgang
Head of Brand Management, BMW
“Reaction of OEMs to overcome the challenges for the automotive industry: Example BMW”
Lee, Jinwoo
Hyundai Motor Group
“AI and Autonomous Driving”
Anja Hähle-Posselt
Stadt Leipzig, Elektromobilität/Automobilindustrie
“E-mobility -  How can a city government promote this?”
Chang, Jae Kyun
Head Interior System & Technology in Korea, Continental
“Holistic Networking: Better Mobility Thanks to Software”
Speaker : PartⅡ
Robert Schachtschneider
Head of Office, German Energy Agency(DENA)
“Energy Transition 2.0 – Challenges and Opportunities in Germany”
Park, Min-Hyug
Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO)
“Utility of the future”
Tim Hirschberg
DAAD-Lektor an der PNU
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